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Last update:  Tuesday, May 29th at 12:39 p.m.
GlenLakes MGA LGA Website shut down after over ten years of being provided “free” to the MGA and LGA Associations.  These are the four members of the Board of Directors who voted to bar me from the GlenLakes Golf Club!

Cook, Don

Whiten, Kenny

Hewitt, Ed

Syphurs, Nancy

Don Cook

Kenny Whiten

Ed Hewitt

Nancy Syphurs

Owners- President

Asst. Treasurer then Secretary

Board Member



In June 2017, I was accused of actions at the pool area that supposedly warranted barring me from the course.  Accusations were supposedly made by a member who had a guest with her.  Accusations were made via phone with nothing in writing that I am aware of.  I emphatically deny these accusations.  I demanded the opportunity to confront my accuser but was denied.  Why?  Last time I checked that is a basic right of citizens of this country.   A  couple of weeks later, Merlene DuBose was voted off the Board citing “conflict of interest”  even though she had recused herself from the situation.  In October 2017 (after 3 1/2 months of being barred) it was suggested that I be reinstated.  However, the board decided I had not been sufficiently punished for these high crimes and misdeanors and was not sufficiently repentant.  Given no choice, three weeks later on November 6, 2017, Merlene and I filed a lawsuit against the Club.  Below is the lawsuit that I have filed for Libel/Slander/defamation of character/unwarranted and outrageous conduct by the board;etc.  I am barred from the GlenLakes Golf Club “INDEFINITELY” therefore, it is impossible to keep up the GlenLakes MGA and LGA website. 

                  Jerry DuBose

As of May 28th, Jerry DuBose has been bared from the Golf Course for eleven months!  Have you any idea what it has been like not being able to play golf, be with golfing buddies/friends or set foot on property that you are 1/44th Shareholder/Owner for 11 months of your life and possibly indefinitely?

DuBose public record filing Nov. 6, 2017click here:

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The GlenLakes MGA LGA Web-site is paid for by Jerry DuBose and he is responsible for updating the information on the site.

The web-site is not the property of, nor associated with, the Ladies Golf Association or Men’s Golf Association.  However, these organizations do provide information to be posted on the site.  Other “news” items are also included on the site.

The web-site is not associated with the GlenLakes Golf Club.   The Club does provide information for posting on the web-site  tournaments; current USGA approved handicaps; etc.  The availability of 24/7 access to this information is appreciated very much by the members.

Please e-mail any “BREAKING NEWS” to Jerry DuBose at  to be entered on the site for “Golf News” - eagles, hole-in-one, lowest score ever shot, etc.  Make sure you include all relevant details. 

Should you see any grammatical, spelling, etc. errors, please contact Jerry as soon as possible so that mistakes can be corrected.

DuBose vs GlenLakes Golf Club

Click:     August 12, 2015  Meeting/Letter   (J. DuBose meeting with Tom Spangrud - Pres. & Linda Hewitt - Vice-Pres.)

After meeting with J. DuBose board set up Rules & Regulations for GlenLakes Golf Club, INC

Click:    Rules & Regulations Sept. 12, 2015  (Established after August 12, 2015 meeting with Pres. & Vice-Pres.)

Click:    October 5, 2016 Letter (Letter sent to J. DuBose stating it was his 2nd Offense)

Click:    December 6, 2017 - Semmes Law  Firm Letter to Board  (J. DuBose requesting RESCINDING previous letters)

Board meeting on December 15, 2017 rescinded both previous letters.

Click;     June 26, 2017 Letter  (Letter sent to DuBose stating barred from Golf Course since it was 3rd offense)

After January 2017 Shareholders Quarterly Meeing where mis-truths were stated Merlene sent letter.

Merlene’s Letter sent to Shareholders/Owners - Jan. 18, 2018 - Click:  Shareholders Letter Clarifications

Click:      Plaintiff's Answers to Defenddant's Interrogatories


Actual copy of Lawsuit filed - Click:

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