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New Ownership
October 16, 2013 at 6:00 a.m.
The time has come for the shareholders to almost celebrate!
    Tonight, new licenses go up on the wall
    Tonight, two teams of owners are taking inventory in the pro shop and kitchen/bar
    We already have completed the inventory of golf carts, maintenance equipment, and personal property in the clubhouse
    Tonight, the switches will be thrown so that starting tomorrow morning credit card swipes start appearing in our bank account
    Tomorrow the employees that our General Manager has hired will continue getting paid via ADP Payroll Systems, only under our employment
    Tomorrow our new personnel policy and safety manuals go into effect
    Today our attorneys solved all of the last minute glitches and snafus
    Today our money for the purchase was wired to the escrow agent’s account
    Today stacks of purchase documents were signed, scanned, and forwarded to the closing agent
    Today we did a last minute agreement with Spe Go Holdings to continue using their Foley Business license because our application was caught in a timetable fiasco but the City of Foley and Spe Go worked with us
    Today our insurance premium for the first year was paid in full and all of our contingency insurance requirements were met
    Today John Deere was the last of three manufacturers wanting to demonstrate their newest equipment for William Dabney  -  Jacobsen, Toro and JD all know that we are about to make a major purchase, nearly $200,000 worth of new equipment, and they all are salivating because they know whoever gets this order will get most of the orders going forward – they all are sharpening their pencils!  We have enormous purchasing power this one time
    Tomorrow the Players Cards continue on sale, but for only three months of benefits and the cost is $60
    Tomorrow we start at 6 AM with David Watson at the helm.  His major assistants are William Dabney in Maintenance, Missy Parnell in the Business Office, and Megan Foster running the Clubhouse and events.
    Finally, tomorrow, just after lunch, the closing agent will sign the closing documents, wire the funds to Spe Go, and the course becomes ours
We have been blessed by owners trusting the board to guide us to success.  We have been blessed to have such a diverse but hard working board.  We have been blessed by having such good attorneys who have a community connection as well.   Also we have been blessed by the volunteers who have stepped forward and done last minute functions and/or inventories tonight.  Thanks to all of you!!!!!!  Come by tomorrow and introduce yourself to the staff as a shareholder.  See you on Monday night, October 28th at 6 PM for a shareholder meeting and a complimentary dinner from Papa Murphy Pizza with salad and dessert.
David Vosloh, President





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