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Golf Course Signs on Co Rd 20
New Marquee for back of Signs

William Dabney had an idea for the back of the signs on Co Rd 20.  He got with Jerry DuBose who built the origional  signs and they found a way to use the backs.  William and Jerry designed the back Marquee and William had Jerry make to date over 185 letters for the sign.   Jerry only has about 60 letters to go and anything the Board of Directors want to put  on the back of the signs will be able to be installed.

Example below shows how many letters can be used on each of the four lines and then on the hanging sign.

Line 1-9/10 letters
Line 2-9/10 letters
Line 3-9/10 letters
Line 4-9/10 letters
Lower -8/9 letters
Hanging sign
If you have any ideas for the sign please email:

Front Dunes 16

Clubhouse Front sign

Front of sign looking east on Co Rd 20 at Jim’s Golf Cart

Front of sign looking west at Clubhouse Drive & Co Rd 20

Back Message

Garage Sale

Special coming soon

Public Service for GlenLakes Development

Back message 2

Golf Experience

Special coming in 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 days.............

Best Experience on Gulf Coast

Working on monies for the construction of a 8 foot diameter flower bed under the signs using brick that match Clubhouse Dr and Co Rd 20.  Once the brick are down William Dabney will decide what type of sherb or flowers will be added.
Brick used
Brick used Brick used Brick used
Brick used Brick used Brick used
Brick used Brick used

Eight foot diameter brick beds two each of the signs:


LIghts for Clubhouse Dr and Co Rd 20 lights for sign:


Total for beds under each sign and lights on Clubhouse Rd sign


Anyone wishing to donate to the beds  can contact Jerry DuBose at 251-978-3069




GlenLakes Video Youtube by Zack Crawford

Ent_sign (2)

Clubhouse Entranceway