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May 25,1989

Amended December 8, 2012


The name of this organization shall be The Glenlakes Men's Golf Association.


The Association is organized and exists to promote quality golf, to promote the Glenlakes Golf Club, and to promote good relationships among members of the Club and the Association.


1.   Membership in this Association shall be limited to men over the age of 21 years who intend to play golf at the Glenlakes Golf Club and support the activities of the Glenlakes Men’s Golf Association. (Amended March 6, 2012)

2.   Acceptance of membership shall bind all members to uphold all provisions of the by-laws and other rules of the Association.

3.   The annual dues shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) per member, per year due on or before January 1st.    Members shall be deemed delinquent after January 31st and will not be eligible to play in any tournaments or other activities sponsored by the Association until all dues are paid and current. In addition, there will be a ten dollar ($10.00) delinquent fee for dues paid after January 31st (Amended December 8, 2012)

4.  New members will be charged an application fee of $10. plus the annual dues of $30. (Amended Dec.8, 2012)

5.   In recognition of the efforts of the Officers and standing committee chairmen on behalf of the Association, their annual dues will be waived for the period they serve the Association retroactive to the first of the year (2012).  (Amended March 6, 2012)

6.  Dues shall not be pro-rated. Annual memberships expire on December 31st of each year. Any current or new member paying dues after October 1st of the current year shall be considered paid up until December 31st of the following year. (Amended December, 1995)


1.  Quarterly membership meetings shall be held the last month of each quarter at Glenlakes Golf Club Clubhouse. The time and date to be set by the President. Special meetings of the  membership can be called by the President at any time.

2.   Meetings of the Executive Board shall be held upon the call of the President at a time and place set by the President. Special meetings of the Executive Board or membership may be called at the request of three or more members of the Executive Board.

3.   All elections shall be by secret ballot at a regularly scheduled quarterly membership meeting. In the event only one person is nominated for an office, the Secretary will cast a unanimous vote for that person, and he will be declared duly elected by the president.


1. PRESIDENT - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and perform the duties that normally appertain to the office of the Presidency. He shall appoint all standing committees, except the Nominating Committee. He shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members before November 1st. of his current term of office.

2. VICE PRESIDENT - During the absence or inability of the President to act, the Vice President  shall perform the duties of the President. He is bound by the same operating rules as the President when functioning in this capacity.

3. SECRETARY - The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board and shall have charge of all correspondence of the Association. He shall give notice of meetings and events. (Amended June 22, 1989)

4. TREASURER - The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate record of all monies received and expended. All expenditures must be approved by the Executive Board or be in compliance with the adopted Budget of the Association. He shall serve notice to delinquent members after January 15th. The Treasurer's records shall be audited at least once each year by a committee selected by the President. (Revised Dec. 1995)

5. PARLIAMENTARIAN - The Parliamentarian shall serve as By-Laws Committee Chairman and shall rule on points of order which may arise during meetings.

6. TERMS OF OFFICE - All elections of officers will take place at the December quarterly meeting. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian shall be elected for a period of one year and will take office at that time. All Standing Committee Chairmen shall be appointed by the President to serve for a minimum period of one year.  Any office vacated prior to the specified term shall be filled by appointment from the President for the unexpired term of that office. (Revised December 6, 2008)


The Men's Golf Association Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the Association, standing Committee Chairman and the immediate Past President. Members of the Executive Board shall serve until successors are elected and/or appointed. Any member of the Board may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Board members if said member has, for any reason, become inactive or for just cause, or if said member is absent for three consecutive regular meetings without a reasonable excuse. Any member of the Association may be suspended and/or expelled by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.


The Board may authorize such committees as are deemed necessary or appropriate, including those of a temporary nature. Standing committees will consist of a Major Tournament Committee,  the weekly  MGA Tournament  Committee and the Membership & Publicity Committee.  (Amended March 6, 2012)  The Chairman of each committee shall be appointed by the President and each Chairman shall also be a member of the Executive Board. Members of each committee, in the number deemed appropriate by the Chairman, shall be appointed from the membership by the Chairman, subject to approval by the President. All activities of all committees are subject to approval by the Executive Board. (Revised March, 2005)


1. The Tournament Chairman shall publish a tentative schedule of competitive events for the ensuing  twelve months at the next membership meeting following his appointment. The schedule, approved by the Club Professional, may be revised from time to time provided all members are notified two or more weeks in advance of such revision.

2. All members MUST have an established handicap to participate in any Association sponsored golf event.

3. All merchandise awards will be made through the Glenlakes Golf Club Pro Shop. Trophies and other special awards may be purchased elsewhere when deemed necessary and approved by the Executive Board.


1. All tournaments and special events shall be played according to U.S.G.A. Rules and Regulations, with the exception of local course rules or other special rules as may be deemed necessary by the Club Professional.

2. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern during membership and/or special meetings, except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws.

3. All applications for membership in this Association are subject to approval by the Executive Board.


Membership in this Association is non-assessable.


These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association by a majority of the members present and voting, provided previous notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given to the members by the Secretary thirty days in advance. Members present at the Meeting constitute a quorum.

(By-Laws re-compiled by the Secretary of the Association September, 2005)





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