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LGA Quarterly Meetings Minutes
March 1, 2017

Before President Ardys Kussman called the meeting to order, she requested a moment of silence for the Gulf Shores band members and their families as they are dealing with the ramifications of the accident.

Twenty members were in attendance.

March birthdays were recognized by Ardys:  Joy Majors and Carolyn Whitman.

Pat Holland made a motion to approve the December 14, 2016 emailed minutes as corrected.  The motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Carolyn Blue reported a beginning balance on December 14, 2016 of $5718.24.  There were deposits of $177.90 and disbursements of $4648.65, leaving a balance of $1247.49.  There are currently 39 members.  Judi Morgan made a motion to approve the report as written.   Motion was approved.  Copy attached.

Committee Reports:

GLGA Championship – Cheryl Hoffman reported that the Championship will be played on Wednesday, September 20th and Saturday, September 23, 2017.

Santa’s Follies – Carolyn Blue reported for Jan Taylor that Santa’s Follies had a net income of $4350.00 which was equally distributed ($1450.00) between Ecumenical Ministries, Catholic Social Services and Riviera Utilities.   Santa’s Follies Financial Report attached to Treasurer’s Report

Team Play – Judi Morgan reported for Diana Hogan that the next team play will be at TimberCreek on March 21st.  Contact Diana if you are interested in playing.

 InterClub – Carolyn Gunterman reported that the next InterClub is at Azalea City on March 20th.  No information has been sent out so far.

Play Day – Vicki Capehart reported Ace for March is Nancy Schuster with a net of 71, and she also won  low putts with 32.  Nancy played from the purple tees and took the appropriate stroke reductions. Starting March 1st, we went back to start time of 8:45.  Vicki also reminded everyone that in January, February and March, we are still using winter rules utilizing preferred lies.  After a discussion about the amount of relief to take, a motion was made that the preferred lie should be clarified to say an unfolded score card length.  Ardys Kussman made the motion that our local rule should be updated to reflect that change.  The motion passed.

Under RULES OF PLAY:  Now reads -

(B) Members have the option of using preferred lies during the winter months.  Winter months are defined as January, February and March.

It will be changed to read:

(B) Members have the option of using preferred lies (unfolded score card length) during the winter months.  Winter months are defined as January, February and March.

Historian –  No report.

Rules and Regulations:  No report

Handicap – No report.

Sunshine – No report.

Invitational – Carolyn Whitman informed us that the Invitational will take place on April 19th.  The color scheme will be black/white with silver or gold.  They will have a raffle and 50/50.

Hole-in-One – Carolyn Gunterman reported she has $170.00 in the pot.  The last hole-in-one was April 2015.

Old Business – Ardys reported the New Local Rules were distributed via email to the membership. She also reported that a collection by the membership of $250.00 was donated to BARC in memory of Dottie Ehrlich.  Her name was added to the memorial plaque.  After discovering that we inadvertently did not add Bea Whiten’s name to the plaque, Ardys will also get Bea’s name inscribed.

New Business  - Ardys announced the nominating committee for the upcoming election of officers is composed of Pat Holland, Jan Harrall and Sue Timperley.  Vickie Matranga will be President.

Vicki Capehart made a motion to reimburse Jan Harrall for the cost of ink cartridges and paper she used for Team Play, Interclub and the Invitational.  The motion passed.

Carolyn Blue requested that the membership remember to kick the sand off of their shoes when leaving the sand trap and before walking on the greens.

Motion was made by Carolyn Blue and seconded to adjourn the meeting. 

Respectfully submitted,

Judi Morgan, Secretary





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