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Elections are held each year in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.  If there is more than one candidate running for a particular office, elections shall be held by secret ballot.  If there is only one candidate for each available office, the election shall be made by the raising of hands. Votes may also be submitted prior to the meeting in writing or in an email to a board member.



The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and hold quarterly meetings. 

She shall appoint all Chairpersons for her year in office. 

The Treasurer will provide the President with names, addresses and telephone numbers of the entire membership. 

She will maintain and keep a current schedule of all events for the year.   This information will be posted in the ladies locker room, along with a list of Officers and Committee Chairpersons.

 She shall see that the Hole-In-One Plaque and the Memorial Plaque are kept updated.   See Addendum VI.

She shall appoint two (2) Association Members to audit the Association Books and require written confirmation and results when this is completed.

She will post in the ladies locker room on the bulletin board all correspondence received regarding the GLGA, i.e., correspondence from AGA, other LGA Association tournaments, etc.

She shall Co-Chair any special tournaments with the Men’s Golf Association Representative.

She is responsible for providing GLGA information to the coordinator of the Glenlakes Golf Club website.

She will select and announce at least three months prior to elections the three (3) members that will serve on the nominating committee.

She is authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

Following her term in office she shall join the Executive Board as Advisor for the next year.


The Vice President shall assist the President when called to do so.

The Vice President shall ensure that at least one Executive Board member serves on the committee of the major tournaments.

She shall be a co-chairperson of League Play. In the absence of the League Play Chairperson at a scheduled league play-day, the Vice President shall assume all league play responsibilities including, but not limited, to the cancellation due to inclement weather or course conditions.

She shall meet with the GM to secure event dates for the following year.

She is authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

The Vice President shall take the office of the President the following year.


The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee meetings.  She shall enter all Association reports, literature and/or correspondence in the Secretary’s books.

The Secretary will act as the “Newcomer” representative.  She shall present a packet of information to the new member which will include current copies of the following information:  Constitution/By-Laws, Rules and

Regulations, list of members, description of all special events play, GLGA Schedule of Events for the year and GLGA Officers and Committee Chairpersons for the year. 


The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate record of all monies received and spent as directed by the President and Executive Board.

All expenditures over $100.00 to be disbursed from the GLGA Treasury, excluding special events, must be presented to the Executive Board for approval.

She shall keep a current list of members in good standing.

The Treasurer must obtain signatures from the President and Vice President for bank signature cards.  The signatures authorize these Officers to sign checks for the Association if required.


The immediate past President will join the Executive Board as Advisor and will assist the President when called to do so.


Dues are to be paid in full by the end of the fiscal year.  A member is considered delinquent after the close of the fiscal year and will not be eligible to win any awards or monies until all dues are paid and current.  Checks are to be made payable to the GLGA.  Current dues are $30.00 per year.  Any member delinquent after the close of the fiscal year will be subject to an additional $5.00 late fee.  These amounts are subject to periodic change.  (See Addendum VII)




The League Play Chairperson shall determine play of the day on a monthly basis.   The chairperson shall be responsible for publicizing all winners. See "Rules and Regulations" for procedure.

If a Play-day event must be cancelled, i.e., inclement weather, course conditions, etc., the League Play Chairperson will make that determination and inform the Pro-Shop.


The Baldwin County Area Ladies Golf Association (BCALGA) TEAM PLAY AND INTERCLUB are other events available for our Association Members to participate in at their option.  These events are in no way governed by the GLGA Constitution and By-Laws.

The BCALGA Team Play Chairperson is appointed by the President.  She shall attend all meetings with other club delegates or send an alternate.

The BCALGA Team Play Chairperson shall be responsible for sending a four (4) member team to attend scheduled team events.  If a four (4) member team is not available, she is responsible for sending a two (2) member team to scheduled team events.

The Interclub Chairperson is appointed by the President.  She shall attend all meetings with other club delegates or send an alternate.

See the Bulletin Board in the Ladies Locker Room for information on these events.  The Chairpersons are responsible for keeping this information current and posted for all members.


The Historian and Publicity Chairperson is appointed by the President. She is in charge of the GLGA Scrapbook.  She is responsible for accumulating and recording all materials pertinent to the Association such as newspaper articles and pictures of all activities of the Association and to submit pictures and articles to the newspaper of all special events.


The Rules and By-Laws Chairperson is appointed by the President.  She is to monitor all rules for the GLGA and all Association events.  She is responsible for bringing to the attention of the Association any changes in the USGA Rules, Local Rules or GLGA By-Laws. She shall see that the By-Laws are followed and all amendments are properly recorded.  She should also provide a rules sheet for each event.


The Sunshine Chairperson is appointed by the President.  As the representative of the Association she will be in touch with any Association member incapacitated by illness or accident. Contact could include, but is not limited to, telephone calls, cards, flowers, etc. 

If a hospital stay is required and flowers are appropriate, a $25.00 limit shall apply.

In the case of death of a member or the member’s immediate family (spouse, children, Mother and/or Father) an appropriate memorial not to exceed $50.00 shall apply.


The Nominating Committee will secure at least one individual to run for the office of Vice President.

If the Secretary and/or Treasurer have held their respective office for only a one (1) year term, these same individuals may be contacted to run again for that office for the second term.  If they have served a second term, the Nominating Committee must secure at least one individual to run for those respective positions.

Any Member may approach the Nominating Committee and ask to be placed on the ballot for the office of Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.

The Nominating Committee must be prepared to hand out secret ballots, if required.  See Addendum I of the By-Laws for Elections.


Two (2) members of the Association, excluding the current Treasurer or any Executive Board Member, will be appointed by the President in the fourth quarter to audit the Treasury records for that fiscal year.  The Treasurer will make available these documents when requested by the Auditing Committee.  Once all documents have been reviewed, the Auditing Committee will make a written report of their findings to the President and the Treasurer.


The Tournament Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the President.  A chairperson of any LGA event must be a member of the LGA. The Chairperson of each event will select her committee members, be responsible for initiating the necessary duties relative to the event and keep an accurate report of all monetary transactions.

All events must be documented at their conclusion and a written report must be submitted to the President for inclusion in the Association Books.


Hole-In-One:  A special award shall be given to any GLGA member making a Hole-In-One on the Glenlakes course.  It shall be witnessed and attested by two (2) other players and the remainder of the nine (9) holes shall be completed, weather permitting.

Memorial Plaque:  The purpose of this plaque is to recognize deceased members of the GLGA (past or current).


These By-Laws may be amended by a majority of those present at any regular or special meeting.  Members may be present to vote or they may submit a vote prior to the meeting in writing or in an email to a board member.  The Rules and By-Laws Chairperson is responsible for posting notice of the impending changes.  This notice needs to be posted on the bulletin board two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.

Revised 10/12/04, 1/29/07, 4/2/08, 2/4/09, 12/01/10, 04/11/12, 06/09/12, 10/16/12, 1/3/13 & 04/03/13






The name of this organization shall be the Glenlakes Ladies Golf Association (GLGA).



The Association is formed and exists:

(1) To promote better golf.

(2) To bring into closer relationship the members of the association.




Members of the GLGA shall be limited to dues paying women in good standing.  GLGA members may present names of proposed new members to the association at the meetings or prospective new members may submit a completed application and their dues to the Treasurer at any time during the year.  The Ladies Golf Association will introduce these new members at association meetings.

Acceptance to membership shall bind all members to uphold all provisions of the Constitution, By-Laws and other rules of the Association, and to accept and enforce any decisions of the Executive Committee.


The GLGA fiscal year for 2012 begins January 1 and ends May 31, 2013.  The GLGA fiscal year for 2013 and years thereafter begins June 1 and ends May 31.   Membership dues for the new year are to be paid in the last month prior to the start of the new fiscal yearRefer to Addendum III of the By-Laws for current fees and penalties.  Any new GLGA member joining and paying annual dues during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year will be considered paid in full for the following year.  There will be no other exceptions.


All members are required to have a handicap to participate in GLGA sponsored or co-sponsored events.  To establish a handicap, new members see GLGA "Rules and Regulations".

Winter visitors should present a current USGA handicap card from their home course.  See “Rules and Regulations” for the specific rules set forth in establishing that handicap and participation requirements.

Handicap fees are to be paid in the Pro Shop.  Winter visitors who stay three (3) months or less will pay a pro-rated handicap fee. The various fees will be determined by the Pro Shop each year.



There must be four (4) Quarterly Meetings.   These meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each quarter unless specified differently by the President.  A meeting shall be held the first Wednesday in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year for the purpose of election of officers for the next year.

The President may call an unscheduled meeting by notifying the general membership two (2) weeks prior to the meeting date.  The date of this meeting may be satisfied by posting notice on the GLGA Bulletin Board in the Ladies Locker Room. 



Election of officers are set forth in Addendum I of the By-Laws.

Officers of the Association consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Their duties are set forth in Addendum II of the By-Laws.

The President shall serve a one (1) year term and the following year she will serve as Advisor to the Executive Board.         

The Vice President shall serve a (1) one year term.  The following year she will assume the office of the President.

 There shall be no limits to the number of terms the Secretary may serve.

There shall be no limits to the number of terms the Treasurer may serve.



The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the Association and the immediate past president.  The Executive Board must meet prior to the first quarterly meeting to discuss special tournaments, policies and any issues affecting the GLGA.



Other committees and chairpersons to be selected and formed each year include, but are not limited to, the following:

Handicap, Historian/Publicity, Interclub, Play-Day, Rules & By-Laws, Social/Sunshine, Team Play, Audit, Nominating, Special Tournaments and any other committee deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

These committees and chairperson responsibilities can be found in the By-Laws, Addendum IV.



Refer to the By-Laws, Addendum VI for any special awards or recognitions.



The Constitution may be amended, altered or repealed at any meeting of the Association by majority of the members.  Members may be present to vote or they may submit a vote prior to the meeting in writing or in an email to a board member.   Notice shall be given to members by posting proposed changes thirty (30) days prior to voting.

Revised 10/12/04 & 4/2/08 & 12/01/10 & 04/11/12 & 10/01/12 & 1/3/13 & 7/18/14



For MEMBERS of the



Wednesday is the designated day for League Play.  Unless tee times are modified by the Pro Shop, they will begin at 9:00 a.m.  On special occasions there will be shot-gun starting events. Individual group tee times are assigned by the League Play Chairperson.  Each member is responsible for signing up for play in the Pro-Shop.  The deadline for sign-up is 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to League Play.  A $3.00 fee is collected at sign-up. After play, scorecards must be signed, attested, dated and turned in to the League Play Chairperson. An LGA member may play on Wednesday but choose not to participate in the game.

A member will forfeit her entry fee if she fails to cancel by 5:00 p.m. on Monday prior to League Play on Wednesday. Note:  If a player has signed up, NOT paid and does not cancel by designated time, she is responsible for payment.

If the game is cancelled for any reason (inclement weather, lack of participation, etc.) and the player does not intend to play the next week, it is the player’s responsibility to take her name off the sign up sheet and get her money back through the pro shop.  Otherwise, automatic carryover (remaining on the play list for the next week) applies.  However, if a member cancels for personal reasons, there will be no carryover and the member is responsible for picking up her money in the Pro Shop.

Should an LGA Play Day be called due to inclement weather (cold, wind, rain, lightning, etc.) after play has begun, the League Day Chairperson or her substitute will notify the Pro Shop.  If there is any doubt as to whether play should continue, it shall be the responsibility of each group to check with the Pro Shop to find out what decision has been made regarding whether play should continue.  If at least 9-holes have been completed by all participants, the greatest number of holes completed by all participants will be used to determine the results for the game being played.  Exception:  Ace of the Month and Ace of the Year will always be 18-hole events.

Prize winners for League Play will receive certificates of credit from the Glenlakes Pro-Shop.  A list of winners will be posted on the Ladies Locker Room Bulletin Board and emailed to the members.

Should there be a need for a scorecard playoff, the most difficult hole played will be used first, followed by the second most difficult hole, etc. until a winner is determined.

Ace of the Month is held the first Wednesday each month.  Ace of the Year is held the first Wednesday in June.


Effective January 2013, Glenlakes implemented the GHIN system for golf handicaps.  In order to compete in GLGA events, each member is required to have an active and current GHIN handicap.  GLGA members without a GHIN handicap may play in events as a guest and abide by the rules and regulations of guest play.

To establish a current handicap at Glenlakes Golf Club the member may use the latest U.S.G.A. Index from her “away course”.  This index would then be adjusted according to the course handicap table to become a current GHIN handicap at Glenlakes.  In the event the away index is not available, the member may not participate in League Play winnings until five (5) scores have been posted and handicap is made current.  NOTE:  The five (5) scores posted need not be league play but “anytime” play.  A maximum handicap of 36 is the most allowed on play days and for all GLGA tournament play unless otherwise specified. 

Each member is responsible for posting her ADJUSTED scores into the GHIN system immediately after play.  Major tournaments such as the Championship will be posted in mass by a designated LGA representative.  Players will be notified of any mass postings in order to avoid duplicate entries.

Only the GLGA Championship, AGA events, USGA events (including qualifiers) and Marshals shall be posted as Tournament scores.  Scores from invitationals, team play, interclub, etc. shall be posted as regular scores properly adjusted for individual handicaps, mulligans, gimme putts, etc.


All League Play Tournaments and Special Events shall be played according to U.S.G.A. Rules, with the exception of Local Course Rules.

The ball will be played down unless conditions warrant “Preferred Lies”.  Players will be notified by the Pro-shop prior to the competition if these conditions exist.  When “Cart Path Only” rule is designated by the Pro-shop, the player may then lift, clean and place the ball through the green.

  • Members have the option of using preferred lies during the winter months. Winter months are defined as January, February and March.
  • You must play the same ball through the green.  Do not change the ball after a tee shot unless the ball is deemed unfit for play, per U.S.G.A. Rules.
  • If a rock or stone is interfering with the striking of the ball in a sand trap/bunker, the player may remove the rock or stone with no penalties incurred.
  • For all play at this course, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.
  • Through the green, a ball that is embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole.  The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green.
  • If there is doubt whether a ball is in or is lost in the water hazard on Vista #3, the player may play another ball provisionally under any of the applicable options in Rule 26-1.  If the original ball is found outside the water hazard, the player must continue play with it.  If the original ball is found in the water hazard, the player may either play the original ball as it lies or continue with the ball played provisionally under Rule 26-1.  If the original ball is not found or identified within the five-minute search period, the player must continue with the ball played provisionally. 
  • A drop area has been established on Dunes #16.  The drop area is located across water and to the right of the green.  A player must be approaching the green in regulation, hence, she must be hitting at least her third shot from inside the 150 yard marker.  If the ball goes into the hazard the player may elect to use the drop area.  The player does not have to use the drop area and may proceed under USGA rules for proper play of a ball hit into a water hazard.  (Example counting strokes: 3rd shot goes into the water from inside the 150, 4th out, and hitting the 5th shot from the drop area)
  • A drop area has been established on Lakes #2.  A player must be approaching the green in regulation, hence, she must be hitting at least her second shot.  If the ball goes into the hazard the player may elect to use the drop area.  The drop area is located across the water and to the far left of the green in the closely mown and marked area.  The player does not have to use the drop area and may proceed under USGA rules for proper play of a ball hit into a water hazard.
  • There are four (4) areas on the course that tend to hold standing water and mud:  #1 of the Vista about 100 yards from the green in the center of the fairway; #10
  • of the Dunes located just inside the 150 marker; #11 of the Dunes located on the right side about 120 yards from the green; and on the right side of #14 of the Dunes about mid-way down the fairway.  These areas will be considered ground under repair and USGA Rules 25 will apply (lift, clean and drop, without penalty, within one club length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief).
  • The Championship shall be the GLGA Championship.
  • In order to qualify to play in the Championship, members must play a minimum of 8 rounds of league playday golf from October 1 until cut-off date for the tournament.  If a member joins later in the year, she may qualify by having a current USGA recognized handicap and playing a minimum of 1 league playday golf each month after joining.  Note: The Board may waive these requirements under extenuating circumstances.
  • Each participant must be an LGA member in good standing with dues paid in full.
  • Each participant will be provided lunch at no charge.

Members and their guests are encouraged to participate in the “Stay for Lunch” program held after golf every 3rd Wednesday of each month.  A drawing is held prior to golf of those participating in that day’s playday event for a member to receive her lunch free on that day.  Members are only eligible to win one time per fiscal year (June 1 thru May 31).


Each member is requested to help speed up play by following these suggestions: 

Be ready when it is your turn to hit.

  • Watch your ball and those of your playing partners.  Notice where each ball lands and mentally mark the area.
  • Putt out when it will not interfere with another player’s line if other players agree.
  • If the hole in front of you is open, and you have players waiting behind you, please allow that group to play through.

Guests are encouraged to play on League Play-day.  They will not pay the entry fee and are not eligible for prizes.  A guest may play two (2) times per year on League Play-day.  Guests must sign-up in the Pro-Shop by the deadline and pay the course rates in effect at that time.


The LGA Christmas luncheon for all members is held the first Wednesday in December at no charge.


Each year during the month of May, the BCALGA donates $150 to the girl’s golf team of a local high school.  Schools are chosen on a rotational basis.  The GLGA has designated the day of the April Ace of the Month for GLGA members to donate additional funds at their discretion.  These donated funds will go to the BCALGA to be included with the BCALGA donation.


“Harvey Penick”

Revised 10/12/04, 1/17/07, 4/2/08, 7/1/09, 10/7/09, 12/01/10, 01/24/11, 04/11/12, 06/09/12, 04/03/13, 12/15/13, 7/18/14              




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