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April 3, 2017

On March 30th playing with Lenny’s Thursday Group Bill Grimes had an EAGLE!!  He made the EAGLE on Dunes #15.  After Bill’s slice off the tee his drive he was to the right of the fairway with trees in the way to the green.  He was 155 yards from the green and had to hit a low shot toward the green.  His ball hit something before it went into the sand trap on the left of the green.  After hitting something it went on the green into the cup!!  ONE HECK OF AN EAGLE!! 

The witnesses were Dan Wright, Jimmy Shields, Ed Hewitt and Jim Mitchell.   After Jim Shields having an EAGLE  the other day we now know why the two were PRESIDENT CUP WINNERS for 2017!

Grimes, Bill

March 20, 2017

Playing this morning with the Monday group, Jim Shields had an EAGLE!  He was on Vista #8 and was 148 yards out from the green.  He hit his six iron and it went into the hole for the EAGLE. 

Jim was playing with Larry Morgan, Ed Hewitt, Danny s  and Jim Runtz.

Great shot Jimmy!!

Shields, Jim

March 7, 2017

On Monday, March 6th , The Monday-Thursday Group held a “6-6-6 Tournament”.  They had 16 two person teams complete in six holes alternate shot, six holes best ball and six holes scramble.  The  team that won was the team of George Freeman and Bob Lind.  The combined for a score of 7 under 65!!!

Congratulations on  a GREAT Score!!

6-6-6 Champs

March 1, 2017

On Tuesday, February 28th, Lenny Byzewski had an EAGLE on Dunes #10.  After his drive and second shot Lenny was 120 yards out from the Green.  He hit his next shot and it went over the sand trip and went into the hole.  No one in his group saw the shot go into the hole.

Lenny was playing with Vern Moore’s Group and Larry Morgan, Jim Mitchell and Ed Hewitt witnessed the great shot.   Congratulations Lenny!!!

Byzewski, Len

February 2, 2017

On Wednesday, January 25th Glen Capehart had another EAGLE!  His last one was on July 1, 2016.  He was playing Dunes #10 par 5.   Glen had hit an excellent drive and an unbelievable 5 wood onto the green to approximately 6', where he putted in for a beautiful Eagle. Those in attendance were Bob Lohr, Larry Dufore and Palmer Dent.

This is one of several Glen has had, but it was also special for those who witnessed it.  Congratulations!


Capehart, Glenn

January 17, 2017

On Monday playing with the early group of guys new MGA Member Danny Schuster had an EAGLE.  Danny was playing Dunes #15 and after his drive he was only 104 yards from the pin!   One heck of a drive.!

He then hit his Sand wedge and it went into the cup for an EAGLE!!!   He was playing with Bob Lind, Wayne Ehrlich and a guest.              Congratulations Danny on the great hole.

Schuster, Danny

November 30, 2016

Dale Cunningham has an EAGLE!  On November 30th,  Dale was playing Dunes #10 and after his second shot he was 66 yards from the cup.  He hit his sand wedge to make the shot.  He was playing with Vern Moore, Jim Shields and Bill Grimes.

Congratulations Dale!

Cunningham, Dale

November 29, 2011

Vern Moore has EAGLE on Dunes #10.  Vern was playing on November 28th early with his regular group.  When he got to Dunes #10 he was 120 yards from the cup.  Since Vern is older now he cant reach the green in two shots.     He used his pitching wedge to make the shot.     Vern was playing with J.C. Smith and Dave Pruitt.

Congratulations Vern!


Moore, Vern

November 18, 2016

Playing on Wednesday, November 16th Sue Cardamone made a HOLE-in-ONE! 

Sue was playing the Lakes Course and was on the Par Three #4.  She was playing from 101 yards and used a 5 wood to get her to the green. 

The HOLE-in-ONe that Sue made was witnessed by Carol Davis adn Peggy Riley!  Congratulations Sue!

Cardamone, Suzi

November 13, 2016

Playing in the Dew Sweepers 2016 Tournament, new member Mike Wilson had an EAGLE!  Mike was playing Vista #6 and after his drive and next shot he was still 126 yards out.  He hit his 8 iron and it went into the hole for the EAGLE. Since Mike is a 23 handicap the three shot EAGLE gave him a net 2 on the Par 5 which got him a very nice Skin in the Dew Sweepers Skin’s Game!!

Congratulations Mike!

If you are going to ever have a EAGLE that is the time to do it.!!!

Wilson, Michael

November 11, 2016

On Thursday, October 27th, George Freeman had a HOLE-in-ONE!!!  George was playing Vista #3 and was about 150 yards from the pin.  Since he is 85 years old he now has to use a 2 wood for the 150 shots!  He was playing with Lenny’s group and the witnesses were Jim Shields and Dan Wright.   This was George's third hole-in-one.  He made two in one year about 15 years ago! 

Since George was not in the HOLE-in-ONE Club he only gets the $50 Bar Bill paid at The Bunker Cafe.  Congratulations George!!!

Freeman, George1

October 27, 2016      Congratulations JOHN EVANS-  Winner Match Play

Thanks to David Wood for running the Match Play tournament (twice).  I know we all appreciate his efforts and time spent organizing it and making it happen.  Sam Strite thinks the double elimination idea is a good one--not just for David but for everyone.  

Everyone should know, though, that there is a rumor of a  "Fix" in this last tournament.  Statistically, it was virtually impossible for an "old limey" to win, without help from a biased tournament organizer. Tell me how  the  "old limey" was able to beat Pat Sullivan, Alan Edwards, Adrian (The Champ Bagger) Corral, Sam (Tiger Woods, Jr.) Strite and then the most powerful man at GlenLakes--El Presidente Tom Spangrud.  There is just no way.  By the time you organize the next tournament, the  "old limey" will be nestled away in a rest home.  At least the rest of us will then have a chance.  (I edited the Sam Strite write-up)

Evans, John

October 15, 2016

On October 14th, Jim Lorenz shots his age of 76!  Jim shot a 39 on the Vista and then followed it up with a 37 on the Dunes!  The 37 was the lowest score he has ever shot on the Dunes.   He was playing with Ron Morgan and two guest from Indiana, Eric Miller and Nathan Miller.

Jim shot his age back in July 2015 but at that time he was only 74 and shot a 74!  The older he gets the higher score he can shoot!  When he turns 90 he can shoot a 90 and get it on the website!

Congratulations Jim on the GREAT round!

Lorenz, Jim

September 7, 2016

Well, Vern Moore did it AGAIN!  He was playing Monday September 5th with Lenny’s Group and shot his age!  He was playing Vista / Dunes and shot the 76.    This makes the Fourth one in his life.  I will send out an email to all MGA Members next time he shoots his age.  It is too much trouble putting his MUG SHOT each time one the site.  Also it will be a public service not to have too many pictures of Vern around!!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.......   Just kidding Vern!  Congratulations!!

Moore, Vern

September 4, 2016

Vern Moore shot his age for the Third Time!  Vern is 76 years old and shot a 38 on the Vista and a 38 on the Dunes for a 76!   He was playing with Mo Menk and Connie Voight on Thursday morning on September 1st.

Way to go VERN...........


Moore, Vern

August 18, 2016

Danny Phillips has DOUBLE EAGLE!!

RARE FEAT--GlenLakes Club member, Danny Phillips, scored a DOUBLE-EAGLE (2), while playing at Kiva Dunes on 8-17-16.    Danny holed out a 3 wood on the  470 yard, par-5,  #15th hole at Kiva.

Congratulations Danny,  on your memorable shot!


Phillips, Danny

July 11, 2016

On July 11th Glenn Capehart had an EAGLE on Vista #6!  Glen hit his drive right down the middle and was 205 yards from the Flag.  He hit his fairway wood and it landed on the green 31 feet from the cup. It was an uphill putt and then back down to the cup.  He hit the perfect putt for the EAGLE!!

Glenn had witnesses consisting of Palmer Dent, Babe Evans, Bob Lohr and Lenard Mason.

Congratulations Glenn on the EAGLE!

Capehart, Glenn

July 10, 2016

On July 9th playing with the MGA, Dan Wright had an EAGLE!  Dan was playing Vista #1 and hit his drive over the sand bunker.   He was then only 195 yards from the Flag.  Dan hit his three iron and it ended up being only 12 inches from the flag.  Only 12 inches from a Double EAGLE!  He made the putt for the EAGLE!

Dan was playing with Jim Brown, Pete Mitchell and Mike Welsh.  Congratulations Dan!!

Wright, Dan

April 17, 2016

On April 15, Bob Lohr was playing with Don Cook in his Match Play Tournament.   They were on Vista # 6 and Bob was 145 yards out, after hitting a poor second shot.  They saw the ball bounce, but thought it had rolled off the back of the green, because of using his 6 Iron.  They approached the green and sure enough, it was not there.  As Bob was walking past the hole, in a kinda wishful thinking, he glanced at the hole and saw the top of the ball.   Don and Bob were both stunned.   Then on the next hole hitting off the tee (Vista #7),  Bob put it in the middle of the water. Needless to say, they did not talk much about the Eagle after that poor showing....   Bob won his match with Cook and now gets to work on Kenny Whiten!Congratulations Bob on the ONE great shot!

Lohr, Bob

April 16, 2016

Ed Hewitt has EAGLE on Vista #6 on April 15th!  After hitting his drive Ed hit his five wood and ended up  100 yards from the green.  He hit on the green then hit the flag and the went into the hole.   Ed was playing with Jim Mitchell, Vern Moore, Lenny Byzewski and Jimmy Shields.   Not too bad for a 100 yard shot.  On the next hole Ed was over the green on Vista #7 and chipped in for a par!   Go figure!

Ed ended up with an 87 for the round!  Not too bad for an OLD Fart!  Congratulates Ed!

Hewitt, Ed

April 2, 2016

On April 1st,  Mark Thompson, (new GlenLakes Member) had a HOLE-in-ONE!  He was playing on the Lakes Course with Dave Dalzotto.   He was playing the Lakes #7 hole and was 166 yards from the pin located in the back of the green.  The ball hit on the front of the green, took one bounce and rolled approx. 30 feet into the hole.

He used an eight iron for the great shot.  Mark is not in the Men’s HOLE-in-ONE Club and even if he was he only had the one witness Dave Dalzotto.   Congratulations anyway Mark!

Thompson, Mark

March 31, 2016

Playing with the MGA on Tuesday, March 29th, Ed Rigor SHOT HIS AGE!!  He is 75 years old and he shot a 75.  He was playing the Lakes/Lakes but when you consider Ed is a 20 handicap that is one heck of a SCORE!!  Ed took all the money from the MGA and the DewSweepers after the round.

Ed was playing with Danny Phillips, Ron Chema and Dan Wright.

Congratulations Ed on the Great Round!!!

Rigor, Ed

March 16, 2016

Art Carvalho has another HOLE-in-ONE!!!  Playing today on Lakes #7 Art had the ACE from 140 yards.  He used his 5 iron to make the great shot.  There was just one little problem.  He was playing with Bob Axetell and no other witnesses!  :-((   With only one witness it does not count!  He is a member of the HOLE-in-ONE Club but will not join Bob Lind and Jimie Dugall in splitting the $1,560 in the POT.  Don’t feel too sorry for Art because January 25, 2013,  Art had the only ACE for 2013!!  That on shot made him $1,720.   This was Art’s third HOLE-in-ONE!   Congratulations ART anyway!!!

Carvalho, Art

March 7, 2016

On Friday, March 4th,  Bill Buck had a HOLE-in-ONE on Vista #5.  Bill was 159 from the cup and hit his 5 wood.  Bill had a HOlE-in-ONE about ten years ago but he was playing by himself.  On Friday Bill was playing with his wife Diana when he made his second HOLE-in-ONE!  Most of PGA requires two witnesses to a HOLE-in-ONE!  Bill either has two or none!!!  Go Figure!!
Bill and his wife, Diana, are from Michigan and are down for about three months each year.   Congratulations on the great shot!!!     Many golfers have never had one with or without witnesses!!

Bill & diana

November 11, 2015

FLAGS FOR VETERANS :     GlenLakes Golf Club is collecting flags to donate to Hughes Funeral Home in Daphne.  They have requested used/torn American flags to satisfy the demand of veterans who want to be buried/cremated with  a flag at their side.  The funeral home will even come pick them up after we reach a total of 10 so all you have to do is bring your used/torn flag to the Clubhouse and leave it in the box (inside the door to the left).

This is such a great program and such a good way for GlenLakes, and all of us, to give back to our REAL AMERICAN HEROES/HEROINES. 


November 1, 2015

Playing with the MGA on Saturday, October 31st, David Wood had an EAGLE!      David was playing Vista #6 and his drive was just short of the Bunker/Sand trap in the middle of the fairway.  He was right at 205 yards from the green.  David used his three wood and the shot landed just short of the green and rolled 7 feet past the hole.  Miraculously, He sunk the putt for an EAGLE!!

David was playing with Tom Spangrud, Connie Voight and Pat Sullivan.  Congratulations David!!

Wood, David

October 24, 2016

The Game Park Oktoberfest Picnic had a winner for the 50/50 Drawing of $267!!  Friday afternoon at 5:45 the drawing was held.  Carolyn Gunterman was the winner of the cash drawing!!  The other $267 will be used for the upkeep of the park. 

Vern Moore won 2 rounds of golf/w cart. and non-golfer Russel Sharp won the other 2 rounds of golf w/cart.  The last drawing was for a 30 min. lesson with David Musial, PGA-General Manager and was won by new resident Marvin Hodge..

Thanks for everyone that bought a ticket and helped with the upkeep of the Game Park.

Gunterman, Carolyn

October 22, 2015

On October 20th playing with her husband Bill, Maddie Smalling had a HOLE-in-ONE.  She was playing the Leisure Village Golf Club course in Lakewood, NJ,

Maddie has just taken up golf and was in the “Wine & Drive Lessons”  put on by David Musial at the Glenlakes Golf Club.   She was on Hole #9 and was 64 yards from the green.  She hit her 7 iron and it went into the cup  This was Maddie’s first hole in one and she just started playing golf!!!! 

Go Figure!!!           Congratulations Maddie!!!

Smalling Hole in one.

October 7, 2015

Playing first thing in the morning,  on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, with his buddies Ike McAlpin had a HOLE-in-ONE on Lakes #7.  Ike was about 150 yards from the green.  He hit  his seven wood off the tee..  This was Ike’s third HOLE-in-ONE.   He made his second here at GlenLakes on Dunes #17.

Playing with Ike witnessing the shot was Michael Alemond, Alex Franklin, Dick Soucier and Jim Pettit.  Ike just starting playing golf again.  He normally plays only nine holes on the Lakes Course.

Ike was not in the separate $1,900  Men’s HOLE-in-ONE Club. 

McAlpin, Ike

September 27, 2015

The Alabama Women's 4-Ball (Better Ball Format) Tournament played at Lakewood Golf Club at Point Clear, concluded on Friday, September 25.  It was a two-day tournament with flight seedings done after the first day's results.  No handicaps are used and the whole tournament is gross score.
GlenLakes did itself proud in this tournament as two of our LGA members entered and both won their respective flights.  Laurie Strite, who last week won the GlenLakes LGA Championship, paired up with her longtime friend Lisa Graham from Gulf Shores Golf Club and the two won the First Flight with a score of 78-77 = 155, 4 strokes better than the second place team.
Our other entrant, Diane Hogan, playing with a longtime friend from Dothan shot a consistent 84-85 = 155 to win the Second Flight by only one stroke!  Nerves of steel!
Amazingly, the Championship flight was won by two young girls (13 and 17) from North Alabama who shot--are you ready for this?  They shot 63-60 = 123, 4 strokes better than a very tough second place team of two seasoned veterans.  Remember, that is their GROSS SCORE.  By the way, today,  they missed a birdie putt on the 18th green which would have given them a 59!
For those of you who follow the LPGA and women's golf in general, the young are taking over the sport.  Teenagers are consistently winning on the LPGA tour and the world's number one or number two ranked player (depending on how you measure it) is an 18 year old.  Who said that young people aren't playing golf?


Strite, Laurie

Hogan, Diana

September 20, 2015

Bill Lantis was playing on Dunes #11 last week and hit his ball to the right of the dog leg.  He thought it was out of bounds.  Bill then hit a provisional ball right down the middle of the fairway.  When they looked for his ball it had made it through the Oak Tree on the right IN BOUNDS and was only 120 yards out on the downhill slop.  He hit his  PW onto the green and it went into the cup for an EAGLE.  Vern Moore had a Birdie and lost the hole to Bill.

The shot was witnessed by Vern Moore, Rich Garcia and Larry Morgan.  Way to go Bill!!


Lanits, Bill

September 1, 2015

Doug Harrall had an EAGLE on Dune #16.  He was playing 6-6-6 (White-Gold-Black tees) with the MGA on Saturday, August 29th..  From the Black tees, Doug then hit his fairway shot to within 107 yards of the cup.   Then he hit his Sand wedge over the Pond onto the green right into the hole........... for the EAGLE! 

The shot was witnessed by Jim Brown, John Melvin and Mike Welsh.

Congratulations Doug!!!!

Harrall, Doug

August 27, 2015

Our new GM David Musial (PGA PRO) had an EAGLE while working on his skills!  After work Wednesday afternoon, August 26th,  David was practicing to keep his Golf Game #1 playing  the Vista Course.  Playing the white tees on Vista #9 he was 115 yards after his drive from the green.  He hit a Wedge and it went into the HOLE!  His only statement was since he was playing by himself he is glad it was not a HOLE-in-ONE since there was no witnesses!!  As you can see even if you are great player you still need to PRACTICE and keep up your Golfing skills........  Anyone need a lesson ??    (251-955-1220)


July 24, 2015

While golfing on Thursday, July 23rd, Bob Gunterman had a HOLE-in-ONE....with one little problem.  He was playing nine holes with his wife Carolyn and the only witnesses were Carolyn, the Golf Shoe Tree and several Blue Birds!!!  He was playing Vista #3 and was 150 yards from the hole.  The pin was in the back and the ball hit on the green and rolled right into the hole.

Since the Shoe Tree and the Blue Bird was not able to count as witnesses, Bob will not be able to share the Men’s 2015 HOLE-in-ONE Pot.  Congratulations Bob............

Gunterman, Bob

July 3, 2015

Arnold Casey had an EAGLE on Vista #2, Thursday, July 3rd!  After his drive Arnold was only 122 yards from the green.  He hit his 8 iron from the rough and the ball went into the cup for the EAGLE!  He was playing with Bob Lour, Steve Pelkey and Palmer Dent with their Thursday Group.

Casey, Arnold

July 1, 2015

Today playing the Vista/Dunes Jim Lorenz shoots his age!!!  Jim had five birdies on the Vista/Dunes and was able to shoot a 74 which is his age!!!  Even though he does not look like a 74 year old he is!  He was playing with his early group consisting of Jim Dugal and Ron Morgan.

Congratulations Jim!!!!!!!

 Not too many OLD golfers are able to shoot their age!

Lorenz, Jim

June 30, 2015

New member, Joy Majors,  has a HOLE-in-ONE playing with the Morning Glories on Monday morning.  She was playing on Vista #3 when she hit the shot onto the green and the ball hit the flag.  The heard it hit and sure enough it went into the hole.  Being a new member, Joy was not in the Ladies Hole-in-One club.

This was Joy’s third Hole-in-One.  One in GA, one in SC and now one in ALABAMA.!  Playing with Joy was Carolyn Blue, Debra Guyton and Cindy Broadnax.   Congratulations!!!!

Majors, Joy

June 21, 2015

Playing with the MGA on Saturday, June 20th, JC Smith had an EAGLE!  JC was playing on Dunes #10 and after his second shot was only about 65 yards from the pin.  He used his Sandwedge and he hit onto the Green and then it went into the Cup!!

JC was playing with Bob Bull and Don Cook in a threesome.

Way to go J.C. on the EAGLE!!!

Smith, J.C.

May 30, 2015


On May 18th, Sam Strite took his first lesson from David Musial as part of the 3-lesson package currently being offered.  Sam's game has been deteriorating at a rapid rate in the last few years so he decided enough was enough.  David wasn't horrified by Sam's swing but did make some constructive changes.  He told Sam to practice the new swing 25 times a day and to not bring it to the course until he had it  "grooved."

On Saturday, May 30th, playing in the MGA with Connie Voight, Mike Phelps and Danny Phillips the group started on number 16.  As Sam approached the tee box on number 14, after playing 16 holes, he was 3 over par.  He knew that he had a great round going and also knew that he needed a par and a bogey on 14/15 in order to shoot his age.  He got the bogey on 14 and now the pressure mounted.  On 15, he hit a poor second shot but rallied with a punch shot that rolled up on the green, about 10' short of the pin.  He lined up the putt but it came up short--another bogey, giving him a 77.  Oh well, being 76 and shooting a 77 is not bad--maybe next time! 

If you think your game is gone and hopeless, don't give up.  Give our new pro, David Musial, the chance to bring the  "old you" back on the course.  Sam is mighty glad that he did!  And, he has two more lessons to go!

Strite, Sam

May 13, 2015

ON Tuesday’s MGA Event Tom Hallberg had a great roung!!  Tom Hallberg started out on Dunes 18 with a par.  Three and a half hours later, Tom hit the green on 17 and two putted for a par.  The amazing thing is that in between, Tom had 16 straight pars, including at least one sand save and three chips and one putts.  I don't know how rare a round of 18 consecutive pars is but no one in the group ever remembered seeing such a feat in amateur nor in professional golf.  Quite a day for Tom and not only did he accomplish a remarkable feat but he also won the A flight, front and back.  Now that is quality golf at its finest.

Tom was playing with Wayne Foster, Pete Mitchell and Sam Strite.

Hallberg, Tom

April 30, 2015

On Wednesday afternoon, Ed Rigor had an EAGLE.  Certain Eagles are better than others since this one was on Dunes #11!!!  After his tee shot,  Ed was 160 yards from the green.  After his next shot the ball was on the way to the green.  Everyone lost site of the ball.   When they got to the green they had a hard time finding the ball.   They then looked in the cup and there it was!  In the hole for the EAGLE!

Ed was playing with Jon and Diane Hogan.  Congratulations Ed!

Rigor, Ed

April 9, 2015

Vern Moore does it again!  Today Vern shot his age of 74.  He shot a 36 on the Vista and a 38 on the Lakes for a total score of 74!  Vern has done this several times in the past.  Congratulations Vern keep it up!

We can't wait until you get 85 and shoot your age!

Moore, Vern

March 29, 2015

On Thursday, March 26th had their “Scuttlebutts Annual Tournament”. This was the Third Annual Tournament put on by Scuttlebutts.  They had eight teams participating in the scramble.  Terry Gardner owns the Scuttlebutts Bar one block north of Hwy 98 on the west side of Hwy 59 and puts the Tournament on each year.  This years winning team was Bob Lind, Bob Boosveld, Richard Garcia and Bill Grimes.  Of course they went to the Bar to figure out the winners.

Scuttlebutt Scramble 2015

March 14, 2015

On Sunday, March 8th David Wood had a HOLE-in-ONE!  David was playing Vista / Dunes and made it on Vista #3.  He was about 150 yards from the flag and used a six iron.  He was playing with Jim Brown, Joe Landrum and Whitey Whiten.

This was David’s second Hole-in-One!

 Congratulations David!!!

Wood, David

February 16, 2015

Playing Dunes #10, after a huge drive JC Smith said to his golfing partner Steve Pelkey, I think I'll lay up instead of going for green. JC hit his second shot about 60 yards from bunker and took his trusty lob wedge and over the trap and through the woods it went  RIGHT IN THE CUP !!!!! EAGLE! Also playing with Steve Pelkey was Tom Hallberg.

Smith, J.C.1

February 16, 2015

Paul Zintel from the Black tees EAGLED Vista #6!  He just shot short of the sand trap after a big drive and then mishit his second shot .  He had 106 yards to the green into a big head wind.  Paul then hit his seven iron to the front of the green.   It then rolled onto the green about four feet and it rolled into the cup!!!  Witness to the great feat by a guy over age 80 was something else!!!  He was playing with Vern Moore, Dale Cunningham and Dale Thorson!

Way to go Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zintel, Paul

February 16, 2015

Vern Moore on Friday, February 13th not only shot his age of 75 but did better with a 72!!!!  He shot a Vista 32 - Dunes 40 for a 72 total.  He had 3 birdies on the Vista and an EAGLE on Vista #t8!  He was 140 yards out and hit a 6 iron into a head wind.  He couldn't find his ball until John Evans looked into the hole.

Vern was playing with John Evans, Bill Grimes and Ed Hewitt.

Moore, Vern

February 15, 2015

Steve Price has his First EAGLE ever on Tuesday, Feb. 10th!   Steve was playing the Lakes Course.

After his drive on Lakes #5 he was 140 yards out from the green.    His shot was into a head wind and he used his 5 hybrid iron.  It ended up going into the hole for the EAGLE!!  Steve is one of our starters/marshals at GlenLakes and was playing with his wife Marjorie.

Price, Steve

December 15, 2014

EAGLE on DUNES #11?  No way but  Wayne Moore DID!! After his drive on Dunes #11, Wayne was 159 yards from the green.  He hit his 5 wood toward the green.  When they got to the green they could not find his ball.  It was finally located in the CUP!  He should have saved this shot for Dunes #12 and he would have had a HOLE-in-ONE!!

He was playing in Lenny’s Group on Monday morning.   George Douty, Jim Waltz, Billy Evans were witnesses to the great shot!   Great EAGLE!!!!

Moore, Wayne

September 6, 2014

Playing the Vista #5 on Saturday afternoon by himself Bryan Ussery had a HOLE-in-ONE!  Bryan lives  on Dundee Circle in Carnoustie Gardens here at GlenLakes.  He is a member of the GlenLakes Club but not a member of the Men’s Association or the Men’s HOLE-in-ONE Club.

He was playing Vista #5 from 168 yards and hit his 5 iron.  The only problem is with no witnesses around it doesn't count as an official Hole-in-One.  This was the first one he has made!  He works with the Government full time in Pensacola and does not have time to play much golf.   Anyway you look at it “Congratulations” maybe next time you will have two witnesses!!!

Bryan Ussery3

July 31, 2014

We have a new DISTANCE SIGN on the back of the Range Ball Shed.  Bill McKay is going to exchanging the sign each time the tee markers are moved.  We have four signs for the lower tees and five signs for the upper tee area.   The distances are correct from the center of the tee box.  From left and right of center they will be off a couple of yards

If you happen to see the yardage way off please let Bill McKay know or give Jerry DuBose a call on his cell at 978-3069.

New Sign on Shed

May 20, 2014

On Saturday, May 18th,  Jamie Dugal made a HOLE-in-ONE!   He was playing the Vista #3 and with his 6 iron made the shot.  Jamie was playing with Jim Lorenz at their very early tee time as usual.  Ron Morgan was supervising his new roof job and Dan Gormley was up in Illinois. 

Jamie is in the HOLE-in-ONE Club but one rule is that you have to have two witnesses.  I know of several golfers that did not join because they only play most of the time as twosomes. 

Congratulations Jamie and Ron Morgan and Dan Gormley needs to buy drinks!!!

Dugall, Jim

May 4, 2014

Several players witnessed something  during MGA Saturday play that is worthy!  After playing his average game for the first three holes on the Vista.  Bob Boosveld teed off on number Vista 4.  His tee shot was less that his average and his second shot was short.  Bob hit his third shot just right of the right green side bunker.  He chipped his fourth shot over the bunker to a back side pin,  the ball took two hops then rolled into the middle of the hole and salvaged his par in pure Phil Mickelson fashion.  His confidence soaring, he teed off on the par three fifth hole.  His tee shot fell short and left of the green.  With renewed confidence in his short game although unable to see the pin, Bob chipped his ball over the hill on the left of the green.  He landed the ball perfectly on the downhill slope with just the right speed.  Dead on line, the ball rolled, once again, dead center for a birdie.  Although Bob couldn’t see the ball go in, his playing partners all yelled and the smile on Bob’s face was as they say, PRICELESS!  Bob ended his day with two birdies, better than anyone else in the foursome.

Boosveld, Bob

April 26, 2014

On Wednesday playing with the Wednesday Warriors, new MGA Member Richard Decker had a HOLE-in-ONE!  He made the ACE on Vista #3.  He was about 150 yards out when the great shot was made.  This was Richards second HOLE-in-ONE.  He made his last one over 25 years ago.  He was playing in a five some with Ted Dupre, Tony Crawford, George Gonzalez and Dez Powell.

Richard did get $50 from the MGA for the Bar Bill but had not joined the $1,960 Men’s HOLE-in-ONE Pot.  That means Bob Lind is still the only one  this year to get the pot.

Congratulations Richard!

Decker, Richard

April 2, 2014

Ken Duncan long time resident of GlenLakes and now over at Lakewood Golf Course had his 79th Birthday on Wednesday.  For the past 10 or 15 years a group of about 6 couples go to Valarta’s Mexican Restaurant every Wednesday night.  Ken ended up getting cake in the face with the help of Jim Syphurs (owner of Jim’s Golf Cart).

Over the years they have probably consumed over 500 gallons of Margarita!  Happy Birthday Ken hope next year when you hit the big 80 you invite all of GlenLakes for some FREE Margarita!

Ken Duncan

March 25, 2014

The Scuttlebutt's Pub Second Annual Tournament was held on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.   George Douty had an “Scramble EAGLE”!  The tournament was put on by The Scuttlebutt’s Pub owned Terry Garner.   It was a four person scramble with 24 players from the GlenLakes M-Th Group.  Their team consisted of George,  Lenny Byzewski, Robert Bull and Tom Buysse.  George and the team were playing Dunes #14 and were about 150 yards from the green.  George hit his approach shot and it landed on the green then dropped into the cup for the EAGLE for the team.

Congratulations George for the “Scramble EAGLE” from 150 out.


Douty, George

January 2, 2014

This morning Art Carvalho was paid $1,720 for having the only HOLE-in-ONE in the Men’s Club.  The HOLE-in-ONE Club is open to all MGA & GlenLakes Golf Club members.  The dues are $20 for the year and all who make a hole-in-one divides the pot.  In 2011 we had five members, in 2012 we had three and this year ONLY ONE!   For more information click : Men's HOLE-in-ONE

Congratulations Art Carvalho!

Art is only down during the winter months and still had the ONLY hole-in-one here at GlenLakes!


December 2, 2013

On November 30th during the Saturday MGA Tournament Jim Brown had a HOLE-in-ONE on Vista #3.  Last year Jim had a hole in one and this year ANOTHER ONE!  He was playing Vista #3 when he made the one this year.  Playing with Jim was Kenny Whiten, Jorge Gonzalez and Gene Voelk.

Since Jim was not in the separate HOLE-in-ONE Club, he will not share with Art Carvalho half of the $1,720 in the pot.

Congratulations Jim on the HOLE-in-ONE!!!

Brown, Jim

November 5, 2013

Merlene and Jerry DuBose played in the Auburn/Opelika AL, Robert Trent Jones Golf Digest Tournament October 2 / 3rd.  They ended up in Second Place with a winning of $310 in Certificates!  The first day was a Best Ball and Merlene used 11 of her scores and Jerry used 3 of his.  They tied scores on the other four holes.  After a night of Merlene telling Jerry how bad he played he came through on Sunday’s round.  They ended up in Second Place due to Jerry’s GREAT PLAY during the scramble round.

Congratulations to Jerry DuBose with a little help from Merlene DuBose for the 2nd Place win!!!

DuBose, Merlene

October 24, 2013

On October 24th,  Jim Mitchell had an Eagle on Lakes #1.  He was 135 yards out and hit his five iron.  It took one bounce and landed into the hole! Big EAGLE for Jim!

On the next hole Lakes #2 he was 142 yards from the flag and hit his 5 hybrid on the green and only 8” from the hole for a gimme putt!!!   Nearly had two Eagles back to back!!!!

Congratulation Jim!

Mitchell, Jim

October 4, 2013

On October 4th Jim Lorenze shot his age for the first time ever!!  He shot a shot 73 on the Lakes/Vista course. On 9/16,  Jim had a chance to do the same, but boogied the last hole to end up with a 74, but he did it today. It is the lowest 18 hole score he has ever shot. I was playing the round with Dan Gormley.

Congratulations Jim on the 73!!!

If anyone knows someone that is 94 yrs old tell them I shot their age today.  (Jer)

Lorenz, Jim




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