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Blue Bird Houses  
 GlenLakes Golf Course
Blue Bird Houses suggested $15 Donation
but any and all donations will be appreciated!
Since many of the old 272 boxes on the Golf Course have been destroyed or damaged beyond repair these will give blue birds a new home for nesting around the Golf Course.  This time we will not have names tags on each box. 
History of Blue Bird houses in GlenLakes.
In July of 2007, Cynthia (mail delivery lady) asked me if I could build some blue bird houses since the blue birds were building nests under the mail boxes in the paper boxes.  I started building them with the help of Ed Hewitt.    Past GM (Tim Cahill) at GlenLakes Golf Course gave permission for us to install them on any tree around the 27 holes of the Golf Course.   I received donations of $10 for each box.  After about two months we had put up, built and installed 272 Blue Bird houses on the three courses with the help of several residents.  The new replacement project need to be completed in a hurry due to warm weather and Blue Birds starting to nest!
Over the last 9 to 10  years it has been a nightmare keeping them repaired.  When we put them out we did not realize they were going to have a lifetime warranted.  Resident Bruce Timperley has been repairing houses all over the GlenLakes Golf Course for the last several years.  He nearly replaced many of the houses on “The Lakes” nine hole Course at his own expense.
Anyone wishing to volunteer to help build the houses can call Jerry DuBose at 251-978-3069 or e-mail at
For list of donations to date click here - Blue Bird Donations



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